Reviews of Rebooting AI

Best single non-technical book to read about where AI is and where it should be going.

Kenneth Forbus, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Computer Science, Northwestern University,  

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An informative analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the current state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence.. entertaining... with irreverent wit.

Cami Rosso, Psychology Today.

Rebooting AI is a refreshing read and a much-needed reality check on the current confusing state of artificial intelligence.

Ben Dickson, TechTalks Newsletter.

Rebooting AI offers something for everyone: the scientist learning about the historical evolution of AI, the sociologist concerned with AI’s impact on society, the neuroscientist interested in constructing a replica of the human brain, the anthropologist intrigued by the naissance of human intelligence, the science fiction writer searching for a dystopian angle, etc. It is invaluable for a popular science book to seamlessly unite so many types of readers and incite joint efforts to answer major questions that pertain to civilization.

Oana Marin, How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?  SIAM News.

a refreshing, delicious critique of the hype around modern science, the lazy assumptions of the media, and the dangers of letting automation go unquestioned. It's an excellent volume for anyone who cares to stop and think about what might be happening to the built world around them.

For a More Dangerous Age, A Delicious Skewering of Current AI, Tiernan Ray,

Trained as a cognitive scientist, Marcus is one of the most vocal and perceptive critics of AI hype, while Davis is a prominent computer scientist; the duo are perfectly positioned to inject some realism into this hyperbole-prone field.

The AI Delusion: why humans trump machines. Philip Ball, Prospect Magazine

L’intelligence artificielle générale n’existera pas sans un changement de paradigme. Avec de nombreuses références historiques et beaucoup d’exemples concrets, Gary Marcus et Ernest Davis livrent un ouvrage indispensable pour qui veut prendre un peu de hauteur sur un sujet aussi important que fantasmé. 

Rebooting AI: Le livre indispensible pour repenser l'intelligence artificielle. [Rebooting AI: The indispensable book for rethinking artificial intelligence], Thomas Gouritin,

a treasure trove of information for forecasting the future development of AI.

Is Deep Learning Overhyped? A Review of Rebooting AI, Randall Mayes, AAI Foresight.

believe it was necessary and perhaps timely for some book to succinctly summarize both the up- and down-sides of the current state of AI for laypersons ..., and it is not easy to imagine a better person (or a better team of people) than Gary and Ernie.

A Short Note on Rebooting AI, Kyunghyun Cho, Professor of Computer Science, New York University

It is a must read. Criticism is the first step towards finding ways to improve stuff and in the era in which the scientific press and media is full of hubris and self congratulatory puff, such critical take is a breath of fresh air.

Reviewing Rebooting AI. Filip Piekniewski

The clarity, sobriety and insights from not only computer science, but also psychology and linguistics make this the best popular science AI book of recent years.

Hoe moderne AI op oude obstakels stuit (How modern AI encounters old obstacles). Bennie Mols, De Ingenieur

Amidst all the uncertainty, or the abundance of the overly certain, it’s a relief to have this book land in our hands to bring us back to sanity, and to guide us out of a number of possible dead ends.

Rebooting AI: Experts call for real progress. Katia Karpenko,

A fast and light read, yet nonetheless important, this book ... would be a perfect book to hand to an overly excited chief executive officer (CEO) or to an enthusiast who believes that perfect self-driving cars will be here immediately.

Review, David Goldfarb, Computing Reviews

A clear and brilliantly argued book ... The critiques of deep learning and robotics are not to be missed.

Thoughtless Mechanism, Nicholas Meverel, The University Bookman

Rebooting AI
Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis